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Category: POV, Romance, Thoughts
Season: future Season
Pairing: no info given
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Jack's thoughts as he's about to be married to a certain lovely blond.

Colorado Springs:

Jack O'Neill drove to the Air Force Academy chapel, barely noticing the brilliant fall foliage or the majestic snow-capped mountains as he reflected on the events leading up to this morning.

There were times when he had been close to despair, believing that this day would never come. A beautiful, intelligent woman like her, what did she see in him? Tall, blond, with beautiful blue eyes, she had her pick of suitors, but yet she had chosen him. Not for the first time, Jack felt that everything seemed too perfect, as if this flawless day were really an illusion. Dismissing such thoughts, he continued his journey.

Stopping at a traffic light, Jack nervously licked his lips and ran his hand through his hair. What was wrong with him? he wondered. It wasn't as if he hadn't been through this before. Of course, that spur of the moment elopement, featuring best man Charlie Kowalsky showing up in jeans and a sweatshirt, and a pair of wedding rings hastily purchased from `Steve's Discount Jewelers' had been completely different from today's production. This time the bride had insisted on music, flowers and her hapless groom forced into his full dress uniform.

As he neared his destination, Jack contemplated his often strained relationship with his soon-to-be father-in-law. Naturally her father didn't believe any man was good enough for his daughter, let alone a somewhat worn Colonel with bad knees, gray hair and enough emotional baggage for three men. There had been quite a bit of friction between them at times, although, no matter how stressful events had gotten, there had always been mutual respect. However, despite their differences, both men had one thing in common; their love for the woman who would shortly join her life with his.

Arriving at the church, Jack checked himself in the mirror one final time, adjusted his collar, surreptitiously wiped his palms on the pants of his dress uniform, and entered the building.


Both sides of the church were filled with friends and family, including the bride's brother. Jack was glad to see that their long period of estrangement was over. Gazing over the assembled crowd, he spotted many familiar faces; Siler, the commissary staff, Janet's nurses and an assortment of junior officers. Looming over Major Davis was Teal'c, who had mysteriously decided to cover his tattoo with a French beret. Must be a Jaffa thing, Jack mused. Was that Harry Maybourne sitting in the back row? Jack thought, startled. No, it couldn't be, he decided. Not even Harry had that much nerve.

The first strains of Mendelsohn's wedding march sounded. Okay, so you could call it a clich, but Jack had always been fond of that particular piece. Showtime, he thought, smiling at the little flower girls, Kayla and Tessa, as they happily scattered rose petals throughout the church.

At last, they appeared. The bride, radiant in a lovely antique white gown, moved slowly towards him, proudly escorted by her father. Despite the thickness of the lace veil, Jack could see her gorgeous blue eyes sparkling at him.

The pair reached the altar. Jack, nearly overcome with emotion, turned to face his bride. He had been given a second chance at life, at love, and this time he wasn't going to ruin it.

Taking a deep breath he said, "I, Jack, take thee, Sara. . ."

The End